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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Alumni Profiles

Tanner Blanke
Prof. MS 2023
Intern Meteorologist
Everstream Analytics

Hello everyone! My name is Tanner Blanke and I am from Manitowoc, WI. I received both my Bachler’s Degree in AOS and my Certificate in Computer Science from UW-Madison in 2021. I then decided to take a year off to work and try to get a job in my field. After not finding anything that interested me, I came back to get my Master’s in AOS and the Professional Master’s Program seemed like the best path to do this. The department is amazing here and I have met a lot of great professors, classmates, and faculty. My favorite classes were Radar and Satellite with Prof. Tristan L’Ecuyer and Radiation in the Atmosphere and Ocean with Prof. Grant Petty. Both gave me valuable information that I use for my current internship and hope to continue use in the future. They both also had a great teaching style that presented difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand ways. I currently work at Everstream Analytics, a supply chain consulting company, as an intern where I am learning the ins and outs of meteorological consulting. My goal is to get hired there for a full-time career after the internship. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested as this experience has been a highlight of my life.

Cyder Chen
Prof. MS 2023
Graduate Student
UW-Madison AOS
Madison, WI

Hello, everyone! My name is Cyder Chen and I am from Shenzhen, China. I get my B.Eng. at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), majoring in Environmental Science and Engineering, and I will be receiving my Professional M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in August. I really love the professional master’s program of fast-path learning schedule and it is a memorable experience. I would like to recommend AOS 701 by Prof. James J. Schauer and AOS 753 by Prof. Angela Rowe. These two courses are combined with lots of valuable information and you will definitely enjoy them, not to mention Jamie and Angela are such good teachers. I will dive into my track of air quality and regulation in the future and try to find a job in the relative field. If you are looking forward to intaking specialized information in Atmospheric Science targeted courses, I will definitely recommend AOS Professional Masters Program!

Derek Curtis
Prof. MS 2023
Meteorologist/Air Communications Specialist
Survival Flight
Columbia, TN

Hi everyone! My name is Derek Curtis and I am originally from Flower Mound, TX, a suburb of the DFW Metroplex. I graduated from Texas Tech University in May of 2022, receiving my B.S. in General Studies with concentrations in Atmospheric Science, Mathematics, and Wind Energy. I am an avid sports fan for both of my Alma Matters and any team from the Dallas area, and I also enjoy the outdoors. In the spring and summer, you can find me out exploring with friends, and in the fall I enjoy deer hunting. Come winter I make an effort each year to find my way out to the mountain west for some skiing as well. The journey up north to Madison was my first time living outside the state of Texas, and though it got cold at times I do not regret it one bit. The AOS community at UW-Madison is extremely welcoming and friendly and I have made some lifelong friends in my relatively short time here. My favorite classes here hands down were Dr. L’Ecuyer’s Radar and Satelite Meteorology course as well as Dr. Rowe’s Mesoscale Meteorology course. Both of these courses appealed to my interest in the field of meteorology and getting to explore the finer details behind them made every class fascinating. My favorite memories from my time here would have to be all the times we were able to hang out as a cohort. From group study sessions in the professional’s office, football, and hockey games, to trips to Memorial Union, hanging out with everyone was always fun. Over this past summer, I completed a case study analysis of the Delta Airlines Flight 191 incident while also completing UCAR MetEd modules in the field of aviation meteorology in order to further prepare me for a career in the realm of aviation meteorology. Beginning in at the end of August I will begin working for Survival Flight as a meteorologist/air communications specialist in Columbia, TN. I will be advising pilots on flight paths and potential hazards they could encounter on their flights such as clear air turbulence or severe storm development. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone interested, the faculty and staff in this department are second to none and the information I have learned here will be extremely valuable to me for years to come.

Colleen Heck
Prof. MS 2023
Air Quality Consultant
Environmental Resources Management
Remote / Milwaukee, WI

Air quality is not just a field of interest to me; it’s a genuine passion that fuels my desire to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future. Before starting the Professional Masters Program on the Air Quality Science and Regulation track, I completed my B.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from UW-Madison and worked for Prof. Tracey Holloway at the Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE). If you are interested in a career in air quality, I would recommend taking ATM OCN 355: Introduction to Air Quality (Prof. Tracey Holloway), ENVST 502: Air Pollution and Human Health (Prof. Marty Kanarek) and RMI 650: Sustainability, Environmental and Social Risk Management (Jim Swanke). All three of these courses offer something different from practical applications, industry insights and networking opportunities. After completing the Professional Masters Program I will be working as an Air Quality Consultant with Environmental Resources Management (ERM) in Milwaukee, WI. If you have any questions about the program or a career in air quality, feel free to reach out!

Natalie Naquin
Prof. MS 2023
Operational Meteorologist
Innovative Weather

Hey y’all! My name is Natalie, and I graduated from the professional master’s program in summer 2023. I am originally from New Orleans, LA, and I received my B.S. in meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2022. The PMS program was incredibly beneficial and allowed me to further my education at an accelerated rate. The program was also extremely helpful in starting my career and finding an internship that aligned with my career goals and gave me experience in the path that I want to take. I spent the summer as an intern for Innovative Weather in Milwaukee and as a volunteer for the National Weather Service in Milwaukee/Sullivan. After the summer, I will continue working with Innovative as a part-time operational meteorologist and continue my search for a permanent job. For right now, I would like to continue to gain experience with forecasting, but eventually I would like to find a role in aviation meteorology. In my free time, I enjoying watching sitcoms, embroidery, listening to music on my record player, and tending to and cultivating my plant collection.

Russell Ogle, PhD, PE
Prof. MS 2023
Engineer / Consultant
Geneva, IL

Hi, my name is Russell Ogle, and I am from Geneva, Illinois. I am a PhD chemical engineer with 37 years of industrial consulting experience. Additionally, I am a licensed professional engineer, a certified safety professional, and a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The majority of my career has been devoted to investigating the performance, safety, and failure of complex technological systems. Out of a concern for natural hazards, I became interested in climate science and climate change. I transitioned from full-time employment to part-time employment to pursue graduate school. I have spent a year as a full-time graduate at the University of Wisconsin in the Professional Master’s program. The core classes and electives delivered a solid foundation for understanding the interactions between the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere. I especially enjoyed Matt Hitchman’s class on Atmospheric Circulation and Liz Maroon’s class on Physical Oceanography. From here I hope to get involved in climate intervention strategies. like carbon capture and storage, to reduce the impacts of global warming.

Noah Alviz
Prof. MS 2022
NOAA Pathways Intern
Weather Prediction Center
College Park, MD

Hi everyone! My name is Noah Alviz, and I am from Camarillo, CA (about an hour northwest of Los Angeles). I’m a proud alum of the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department at UCLA (class of ’21 B.S.), as well as the Professional Master’s Program at UW-Madison, where I was on the Forecasting and Modeling Track. My favorite classes at UW were Mesoscale Meteorology with Angela Rowe and Radar & Satellite Meteorology with Tristan L’Ecuyer. These classes were the most relevant to my career goal, which is to become a meteorologist for the National Weather Service (NWS). I’m on the way there, since this summer (2022) I have the amazing opportunity of being a Pathways Intern for the NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) in College Park, Maryland. As a WPC intern, I am responsible for creating surface analyses maps, national forecast maps, social media posts, and storm summaries. Once I complete 640 hours of intern work, I’m hoping to convert to a permanent position at a NWS field office somewhere across the country! Not only did my time at UW open doors for career development, but I made very close friendships with the other students in my cohort. I’m going to miss the late nights with them on State Street (including Conrad’s Grill runs), our trips to Devil’s Lake, trivia nights at The Sett, and bonfires at Picnic Point.

In December 2022, Noah coverted to a full-time position as a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland, OR.

Jacob Angell
Prof. MS 2022
Student Volunteer
National Weather Service
La Crosse, WI

Hello everyone, my name is Jacob Angell and I am originally from Oshkosh, WI. After completing my Gen Eds at UW-Fox Valley, I moved to Madison to attend UW-Madison for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. The Professional Master’s program was an amazing experience where I met many great professors, friends, and made many memories. My favorite classes from the program would be Meteorological Measurements taught by Grant Petty and Ankur Desai, Radar and Satellite Meteorology taught by Tristan L’Ecuyer, and Mesoscale Meteorology taught by Angela Rowe. These classes provided very valuable information that I used every day while volunteering for the National Weather Service. My goals after volunteering with NWS are to find and transition to a full-time career there. Overall, my experience at UW-Madison and with the Professional Master’s program was amazing, and I will never forget the memories of going to Badger games with friends and family, watching sunsets at Lake Mendota, rooftop views of Madison from the top of the AOS building, and much more. I definitely would recommend this program to anybody who is interested in adding to their undergraduate knowledge of atmospheric sciences and gaining experience in the field through an internship or full-time job.

Meghan Bitterlin
Prof. MS 2022
Claims Adjuster
Progressive Insurance Weather Team
Milwaukee, WI

Hi there! My name is Meghan Bitterlin and I am from Tinley Park, Illinois. Growing up, I enjoyed kayaking, cooking, playing tennis, and of course watching storms roll in. In 2016, I moved to Milwaukee, WI to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science with a Minor in Mathematics. In 2021, I became a Professional Masters student at UW-Madison. I could not be more thankful for this program; the knowledge and experience that I’m walking away with is priceless. My favorite classes by far were RMI 650 with Jim Swanke and AOS 630 with Ángel Adames-Corraliza. These courses continuously pushed my understanding and challenged my critical thinking skills. Throughout my time at UW, I have been surrounded by the most amazing group of students, astonishing professors, and supportive staff. Though I will miss those familiar faces, I’m excited for the opportunities that lay ahead of me. I’ve accepted a position as a Claims Adjuster with Progressive Insurance on their Full-Time Weather team and cannot wait to contribute all that I have learned from UW.

Megan Caldwell
Prof. MS 2022
Catastrophe Modeling Intern
Guy Carpenter
Philadelphia, PA

Hello everyone, my name is Megan Caldwell. In many ways, it was inevitable that I’d end up at UW-Madison, having been born just a few blocks from campus. Even if I lived in the Chicago area for most of my childhood, my family ended up in Middleton, Wisconsin, and it wasn’t long before I was both an undergraduate and graduate student within the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department of UW-Madison. In my years with the department, I ended up learning a ton about a field I’ve wanted to be in since I was five years old, making friendships sure to last a lifetime, and working alongside the department staff as the AOS Communications Student Hourly. As a professional masters student, I was able to deepen my knowledge on subjects I knew a lot about as well as take classes in risk management, providing me with valuable insight to the world outside atmospheric fluid dynamics and satellite images. This proved extremely valuable for my current internship with Guy Carpenter, one of the world’s leading reinsurance brokers. I am currently part of their Catastrophe Modeling team in their Philadelphia office, blending weather knowledge with risk management, client relations, and data analysis. While I certainly miss Madison and Wisconsin as a whole—nothing quite beats Memorial Terrace—I’m enjoying trying out something new and exploring all the City of Brotherly Love has to offer.

In November 2022, Megan converted to a full-time position as an Associate Flood and Water Analyst.

Meaghan DeVoll
Prof. MS 2022
Risk Management Specialist Intern
WI Department of Administration
Madison, WI

Hey everyone! My name is Meaghan DeVoll and I’m from Janesville, WI. I’ve been interested in weather for as long as I can remember and fell in love with hurricanes watching The Weather Channel’s show on the Hurricane Hunters and their coverage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Completing the AOS Professional Master’s program allowed me to learn a lot more about myself, gain new coding skills and of course, learn more about weather. I really enjoyed taking classes with Ángel Adames-Corraliza (Introduction to Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics AKA Thermodynamics) and Elizabeth Maroon (Climatological Analysis). These classes were really challenging, especially with the coding aspects, but both professors really took the time to help and explain the material. Over the summer, I was a Risk Management Specialist Intern for the Wisconsin Department of Administration. My main projects were to develop a continuity of operations tabletop exercise and help the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy develop a continuity plan. In the future, I plan to continue to search for a job that blends my weather and risk management passions and hopefully aid in climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Daniel Jablonski
Prof. MS 2022
Weather Intern
Milwaukee, WI

Hi y’all! I am Daniel Jablonski. I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin and I grew up in the shadow of Lambeau Field. A large chunk of my life has revolved around a pool; I have been swimming since I can remember. I started competitive swimming in swim club at age seven and continued all the way through high school, division one college swimming at UW-Milwaukee, and even college club swimming here at the University of Wisconsin Madison. My primary events were the 100 and 200 Breaststroke as well as the 200 IM. I completed my undergraduate degree in atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 2021. My favorite graduate school courses were Angela Rowe’s Mesoscale Meteorology and Trystan L’Ecuyer’s Radar and Satellite Meteorology. I really enjoyed the in depth and hands on learning that we did in both courses and they both have strengthened my forecasting and risk assessment abilities as a meteorologist. This summer I have been interning at WISN-TV12 to get some experience in broadcast meteorology with chief meteorologist Mark Baden. The internship has really taken me out of my comfort zone, but it has strengthened my presenting and communication skills which I can take with me to any career. As I look to the future, I want to continue doing similar work that I have done at Innovative Weather, and I hope to start working as a meteorologist in the National Weather Service. This year went by so quickly, but I am incredibly thankful for the friends I have made here as well as all the opportunities I have had because of this program!

In November 2022, Jacob started a full-time position as a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Marquette, MI.

Bailey Jarrett
Prof. MS 2022
Weather & Data Scientist
MSI GuaranteedWeather
Kansas City, MO

Hey everyone! My name is Bailey Jarrett and I am from Tampa, FL. Before I came to Madison I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology as well as a minor in mathematics from the University of Oklahoma. I can’t say enough good things about the UW-Madison AOS department. It is a top tier program and one that I am incredibly proud to have been apart of. The faculty and staff are amazing and some of my favorite classes were Climatological Analysis with Dr. Maroon and Mesoscale Modeling with Dr. Tripoli. I also couldn’t have made it through the program with the help of our wonderful advisor Kaitlyn Heinlein and all she does for the program. After graduating, I took a job as a weather and data scientist at MSI GuaranteedWeather in Overland Park, KS. We are a global weather risk management company that offers products that mitigate the adverse effects of weather on business revenues and expenses. A lot of my responsibilities are using data science to analyze meteorological data in order create products for our clients that are designed specifically for their business. If you have any questions about my UW-Madison experience or about a career in data science, don’t hesitate to reach out and I’m always happy to help.

Benji Johnson
Prof. MS 2022
National Weather Service
Flagstaff, AZ

I’m a free spirit from Apple Valley, Minnesota who now enjoys roaming the deserts of Arizona. As a UW-Madison AOS professional masters student, I learned a lot from many classes and professors. One class I really enjoyed is Grant Petty’s Meteorological Measurements. The skills and knowledge gained from this course are so practical in my current operational career. Also, shoutout to Matt Hitchman for telling some great stories in his dynamics class. I will never forget swimming in Lake Mendota or sledding down Observatory Hill on a lunch tray. UW AOS people are the best people! Currently, I’m a meteorologist at the National Weather Service forecast office in Flagstaff, Arizona. At this office, we forecast the weather and provide impact-based decision support services to a diverse array of partners and communities. It’s an honor to serve the people of northern Arizona!

Ajay Kanteti
Prof. MS 2022
Meteorologist Intern
ND Atmospheric Resource Board
Stanley, ND

Hey y’all! My name is Ajay Kanteti & I am originally from Atlanta, GA. I received my undergraduate degree at Mississippi State University in Professional Meteorology. My first time experience in the Northern United States was heading up to Madison, WI for the UW Professional Masters program and I do not regret it one bit. This one year program equipped me with everything I need to move forward into the professional world- a stellar meteorology education, great friends & connections for life, & inside knowledge of how the world of Operational Meteorology works. A few standouts as far as classes go would’ve been professor Ángel Adames Corraliza’s class ‘Geophysical Dynamics 2” & Angela Rowe’s class “Mesoscale Meteorology” as the concepts explained in these classes were vital to my forecasting skill collection. These classes made up a vital part of skills gained that would go on to help me greatly in my current Internship with the North Dakota Atmospheric Resources Board. This internship has been a great opportunity to sharpen my various skills gained in the program as it deals with directing planes for cloud seeding via radar & two-way radio communication. Along with vital connections & skills, the great friends & memories of things like campfires on Picnic Point & the solstice party will stick with me forever!

In November 2022, Ajay started a full-time position with Weathernews Inc. as an Aviation Meteorologist.

Brittany Kehrer
Prof. MS 2022
Meteorologist Intern
Burnsville, MN

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Kehrer, and I am a proud UW-Madison AOS Alumn. Before joining this department, I received my undergraduate degree in Atmospheric Science from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. My time here with UW-Madison AOS has been unforgettable and the best year of my college career. Not only are the professors, staff, and students truly amazing, but the information I learned from these classes significantly improved my meteorological skills. Mesoscale Meteorology (Angela Rowe) and Radar and Satellite Meteorology (Tristan L’Ecuyer) were my two favorite classes and are two core requirements for a National Weather Service job. Without the support of my AOS professors and classmates, I would not be the confident meteorologist I am today. In May, I started an internship with DTN in Burnsville, MN. This private company provides 24/7 forecasts for a wide range of clients, such as energy companies, transportation companies, utility companies, sporting events, concerts, aviation companies, and marine companies. As an intern, some of my responsibilities are creating surface front forecasts for several of these clients, issuing hazardous watches and warnings to our live event assets, and creating 48-hour forecasts for the New England region. Madison has truly become a second home to me, and that is thanks to AOS. I have met the most amazing people, had the most amazing experiences, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I would happily share more about my experience at UW-Madison or at DTN.

In October 2022, Brittany converted to a full-time position with DTN as an Industry Meteorologist.

Brad Rubin
Prof. MS 2022
Marine Meteorologist Intern
Burnsville, MN

Hello! My name is Brad Rubin and I am from Atlanta, GA. I received my B.S. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from Georgia Tech in May of 2021 and will be receiving my Professional M.S. in Meteorology from The University of Wisconsin-Madison in August of 2022. The Professional Masters program was a very unique and rewardng experience for a multitude of reasons. This was my first time in the Midwest and my amazing professors and cohort made me feel right at home and I was able to develop relationships that’ll last a lifetime! In terms of classes, my personal favorites were Angela Rowe’s “Mesoscale Meteorology” course as well as Tristan L’Ecuyer’s “Satellite and Radar Meteorology” course because these courses were both interesting and interactive and I felt like I got a lot out of each one. While not an AOS course, RMI 650 with Jim Swanke was also a favorite course of mine in learning and thinking critically about environmental risk and how to minimize this. In addition to my wonderful professors and classmates, I’ll cherish the great memories I have of Madison. From campfires and lightning shows at picnic point, to football games at Camp Randall, to the solstice party, endless Kwik Trip runs, and even walking around on a frozen lake at sunrise! I’ll never forget my time here in Madison, and I’m excited to continue on with DTN full time after the summer!

In October 2022, Brad converted to a full-time position with DTN as a Marine Meteorologist.

Andrew Quigley
Prof. MS 2021
National Weather Service
Austin-San Antonio, TX

My name is Andrew Quigley, and I’m a two-time graduate of the University of Wisconsin’s Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences program. I graduated with my B.S. in May of 2020, returning as a member of the inaugural cohort of the Professional Masters Program in September of the same year. I specialized in the weather forecasting track, completing a Pathways internship at the Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland prior to graduating in August of 2021. I’ve continued working for the National Weather Service post-graduation. I transitioned to Weather Forecast Office Austin-San Antonio last December where I now work as a forecaster. My greatest passion resides in the mesoscale, where I hope to contribute to cutting edge research during the early years of my career.