The Science of Climate Change (AOS/GEOG323)

In Fall 2016, Professor McKinley will offer The Science of Climate Change (AOS/GEOG323) for the second time.

This course is intended for non-AOS science and engineering undergraduate majors and  graduate students who seek a quantitative treatment of climate science.

Climate system physics and the mechanisms of modern-day anthropogenic climate change will be addressed, including:
a. How solar radiation and rotating fluid dynamics determine the basic climate state;
b. Mechanisms of natural variability and change in climate;
c. Why anthropogenic climate change is occurring; and
d. Which scientific uncertainties are most important to estimates of 21st century change.

Prerequisites PHYS 103, 201 or 207; and MATH 221; not open to students who have enrolled in ATM OCN 425

For more information, please have a look at the Fall 2015 syllabus: ATMOCN323_Syllabus_3Sept2015_R2.