Physical-Biogeochemical Coupling in Oceans and Lakes (AOS / ZOO / GEOSCI / IES 750)

I will teach a new course, entitled Physical-Biogeochemical Coupling in Oceans and Lakes, in Spring 2016. The intent of this course is to bring together students with a range of backgrounds in the physics and chemistry and ecology of lakes and rivers for a collaborative learning experience.

We will explore features such as the summertime upwelling plume that raises productivity and depresses pCO2 on the western shore of Lake Michigan (figure from Pilcher et al. 2015, JGR).

FIgPilcher For more detail, please check out the draft syllabus. And please contact me (gamckinley at with any questions!

See also this recent news story from UW Madison that highlights the spatial and temporal heterogeneity in Lake Mendota!