Climate in the Classroom: Working with the EdGCM

The EdGCM is a user-friendly version of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Global Climate Model (GISS GCM II) and is designed for use by students from middle school through the beginning graduate level. This modeling and analysis package has been developed at Columbia University with funding from the National Science Foundation and NASA. Please see the EdGCM homepage to learn more and to download EdGCM.

My group has contributed to this effort by developing educational materials to accompany the EdGCM in the. Ana Marti, a volunteer in my group in 2005-06, and Mark Chandler, director of the EdGCM Project, and I developed materials for training middle and high school teachers to use a climate model in their classrooms. These materials have been  used in professional training workshops and may be accessed here:

Downloads: EdGCM ExercisesEdGCM Workshop Guide Part I and Part II

Starting in Fall 2005, I implemented the EdGCM into ATM OCN 425: Global Climate Processes, a course for undergraduate AOS majors and beginning graduate students here at University of Wisconsin – Madison; and it is now a standard component of the course.