Professor McKinley regularly talks to the press.  You can listen, watch and read some recent ones here.

Carbon Cycle Website and Applet

Professor McKinley has developed a site to explain the basics of the carbon cycle, and that includes an interactive applet with which you can modify future carbon sources and natural sinks. Please explore carboncycle.aos.wisc.edu  (English) or carboncycle2.aos.wisc.edu (Spanish).

Carbon and Climate website

Rotating Tank Laboratory

Thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation and collaborators at MIT, I have built and maintain a rotating tank laboratory in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.  The rotating tank is a fantastic way to share the counterintuitive impacts of rotation on fluids, and indicates key processes governing the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere.

Many graduate students have become involved with educational and outreach efforts using the tank – hats off to them! See more here.


Climate in the Classroom: Working with the EdGCM

EdGCM is a user-friendly climate model that Professor McKinley has used extensively in her courses, and has worked with high school teachers so that they can apply it to their teaching. See here for the resources developed by Professor McKinley with the feedback and assistance of many great teachers.

EdGCM Website