Recent publications from the McKinley group

Amanda Fay and Professor McKinley present a joint analysis of surface ocean pCO2 and satellite-derived chlorophyll in a new paper. The global analysis adds data to support the long-held assumption that the carbon cycle is most strongly driven by the biological pump at high latitudes. Intriguingly, the available data indicate that only in the Southern Ocean does the biological pump drive ocean carbon uptake on all timescales from monthly to interannual.

Professor McKinley has published a review article on the ocean carbon sink and its variability in space and time. The article appears in Annual Review of Marine Science, and has been highlighted in the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry blog.

A paper led by our collaborator at UC-Boulder, Nikki Lovenduski, on uncertainty in future ocean carbon uptake is now published in GBC (Lovenduski et al. 2016). This work was selected by GBC for a highlight in EOS by John Dunne of NOAA GFDL, and also for an EOS news story.

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