Former Group Members

Former Graduate Students
Dr. Darren Pilcher, PhD 2015 (National Research Council postdoctoral fellow at NOAA PMEL, Seattle WA; on linkedin)
Dr. Haidi Chen, PhD 2015 (postdoctoral fellow, Princeton University, Princeton NJ; contact info)
Ms. Alexis Ritzer, MS 2014 (Environmental Specialist, Luminant Energy Services, Dallas TX; on linkedin)
Ms. Jennifer Phillips, MS 2012 (Ocean Protection Council, Sacramento CA; on OPC website)
Mr. Jesse Roberts, MS 2012 (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Madison WI)
Dr. Val Bennington, PhD 2010 (Epic Systems, Verona WI; on linkedin)
Ms. Amanda Fay, MS 2010 (Researcher in McKinley group)
Dr. David Ullman, MS 2008 (Assistant Professor Northland College; website)

Former Postdocs
Dr. Colleen Mouw, 2009-2010, (Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island; website)
Dr. Nazan Atilla (Gille), 2007-2009, (UW-Madison Zoology; website)
Dr. Nobuaki Kimura, 2007, (Kyushu University, Japan; website)

Former Undergraduate Researchers
James Kralj, 2012-2015 (MS student in Marine Policy at University of Washington)
Melissa Breeden, 2012-2013 (AOS graduate student with Professor Jonathan Martin)
Victoria Vasys, 2009-2010
Jennifer Koch, 2007-2008 (Rhodeside & Harwell, Washington DC)

Former Visiting Students
Mr. Nisikak Benson (Coventant University, Nigera; website)

Former Research Scientists
Mr. Dierk Polzin (Portland Oregon LinkedIn Profile)

Group Pictures

McKinley Group Reunion at the 2016 Ocean Sciences, New Orleans (from left: David Ullman, Luke Gloege, Galen McKinley, Haidi Chen, Amanda Fay, Darren Pilcher, Colleen Mouw)


McKinley Group, 2013 (from left: Melissa Breeden, Darren Pilcher, Alexis Ritzer, James Kralj, Galen McKinley, Dierk Polzin. Missing: Amanda Fay, Haidi Chen)